Fun for Groups

Whether you would prefer Kubb or trying your hand at Swin-Golf, you will like our varied programme of activities for clubs and groups.

Below you will find a selection of the activities on offer.


SWIN-Golf a new programme for groups and clubs (Programme number 8090)

An enjoyable leisure time activity for every one

Derived from traditional rural games, swin golf is a leisuretime activity without complicated rules or techniques. Anyone who feels like it can simply have a go without the need of a course license or membership in a golf club.

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A spooky weekend for groups and clubs (Programme number 8038 A)

Meet the ghosts of legendary local figures from past ages

After a welcoming address, the "Spökenkieker" (a character of local legend with supernatural powers) will show you the torture chamber of Davensberg Castle in preparation for a spooky weekend. On the way, the "Spökenkieker" will tell you all about the legends and myths of the moor. After this taste of local history, you will go for a walk through the Davert as darkness falls. It is an area shrouded in legend and you will hear stories of ghosts, strange figures, spooks and witches. Is here anywhere that is not haunted? After what we hope will be a peaceful night´s rest, you´ll explore Davert and Venner Moor by bike in daylight or visit Münster´s historical old town.

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also called "Wikinger-Schach" (Programme number 8042)

Kubb is a skandinavian parlour game, which makes a lot of fun. It doesn't matter how old you are, everyone can join the game...

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