Heck Cattle and Konik Horses - the Return of the Wild

The Davert, like the Schlösserachse, is part of the European ecological network of protected areas (NATURA 2000). Protected habitats and species include oak forests, beech groves and bog forests as well as the middle-spotted and the black woodpecker, the honey buzzard, the red kite, the red-backed shrike, the crested newt, several bat species and the mercury bluet.

Since the beginning of 2012, Konik horses and Heck cattle live on the Davert's widespread grazing land. With the help of an extensive all year pasturing, the project partners - die NABU-Naturschutzstation Münsterland and the regional forestry office Münsterland - want to foster the biological diversity in this predominantly farmed meadow countryside. Under the influence of these grazing animals, the Emmerbachaue should start to develop naturally and will hopefully give rise to a great diversity of species. After 200 years, this marks the return of the wild to the Davert!

Discover the Davert!

With the help of a specifically created nature studies path and a map of trails that you can obtain at the tourist info, you can explore the Davert's unique landscape on your own. The 4,5 kilometer long trail is lined with 16 information points, a picnic area and a viewing platform. 
A special offer for natural scientists are our "Naturerlebnis-Rucksäcke" (wonder of nature backpacks) for the entire family: equipped with a magnifying glass and binoculars, a great deal of information about the wildlife and plants and lots of special observation tips, these will help you to get onto nature's track. These backpacks can be rented for a small deposit at the NABU-Naturschutzstation Münsterland, Tel. 0 25 01 - 971 94 33, or at the Tourist-Information Ascheberg.

Map of trails - a gem of a forest in the Münsterland wonderfully walkable

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