Castle Axis Nordkirchen - Westerwinkel

Welcome to the Castle Axis Nordkirchen - Westerwinkel

Between the Castle of Nordkirchen, which is also called the Versailles of Westfalia, and the Castle Westerwinkel of Ascheberg-Herbern, you will find a varied nature and man-made landscape. Enjoy the old forests, the grassland and our wonderful park and gardens. Many of them are under nature protection. The predominant forests are even part of the European Network of Conservation Areas, called NATURA 2000.

Both communities, Nordkirchen as well as Ascheberg, are cooperating with the territorial Forestry office and the Centre of Nature Protection. Their aim is to you experiencing this landscape environment-friendly. Information Panels placed on your way on this axis will provide you with useful information about the plant and animal species, you can find in this region. They will also help you to understand the history charged background as well as the civilization of this landscape. Various experience- and discovery points, oases of calm and an audible round tour are making this enterprise almost perfect.

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